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We are all part of ONE team, passionate about providing the right solution for our clients. When we discovered the power of CBD, we pushed boundaries and worked tirelessly to share this revolutionary natural product with everyone. Educate and find the answers yourself and we are sure that you too, will use it and join the team in spreading the word.

Michael West

Michael West

I was a commercial fisherman when my wife “informed” me that I really wasn’t any more. My wife and I are vegetarians and are extremely passionate about natural health, teaching seminars and many vegetarian cooking classes.

Technical Pro at the Helm
I have worked for 16 years as an IT Executive for a national Health Benefits Company. Previously was an owner of a Telecommunications Management Company.

Associations:Past member of CIO association (Chief Information Officers)
Awards: Hall of fame Award recipient from a major community service organization.
Rob and Janice West

Rob West (with Janice)

I started at the tender age of 13 working off Iceland on a commercial fishing boat to becoming an Owner/Captain of a 160 foot vessel at the age of 27. Abuse on my body took a toll and I turned to natural health solutions. My wife took a stand and I retired from fishing so my journey into natural health brought me to the CBD world and I am very proud of what we have here.
Janice websize

Janice West

Teaching karate has always been my passion. In my 36 years of training I have achieved a 4th degree black belt level. Optimum health is imperative for me to continue to train and teach others. Health challenges have led me to CBD oil and its many benefits.

Comfy with Retail and Back Office
I have worked in retail in my family business for years and graduated to administrative duties for several large commercial fishing companies.

Who We Are

We are on a constant search for the best phyto-bioceuticals for the 21st century!

We are a team of passionate and focused professionals that have a burning desire to educate and provide the highest quality nutriceutical products. CBD has amazing benefits, which are superstars of wellness and play a major role in balancing the Endocannabinoid System, which is considered the “operating system” of our body.

As we reviewed the players in the field of CBD health and wellness, it became apparent there was a need for transparency, consistent supply and higher standards of quality. We were not satisfied by the opportunistic entries we saw, many of which had no scientific backing, many toxic impurities such as pesticides or heavy metals, and most importantly, little or no active ingredients. We all know people, friends and family touched by the need to access the most effective natural therapeutic products at the best value. This is what we provide.

We are committed to research, development, education and distributing products, services and information connected to the benefits of hemp, its derivatives and other nutritional herbs and botanicals that are potentially life changing. We are dedicated to partnering with those people and organizations that can help deepen our understanding and offer easy, affordable access to phyto-bioceuticals for everyone that wants to improve their quality of living.

How We Got Started

Launching CBD Oil Creations was an epic ride for us all at Wild West Creations. After working in the wellness field for many years we decided to specialize only in CBD Oil: The most powerful means of helping others achieve wellness.

We filtered through so many products to find purest Cannabidiol available and we are very proud of the product we offer to you today. Continuous experimentation and testing is, and will continue to be, imperative for us to remain on top of the quality tree.

Our customers are our first priority. It is their loyalty, feedback and experiences that inspire us to stay true to delivering “Guaranteed Quality, Purity and Reliability” which has become our core value.

We owe a huge thank you to the CBD community for being our partners on this awesome journey. Our future is bright.

What makes us so different?

We provide the highest quality CBD Oil.


We control and guarantee consistent availability of Essential CBD Oil


Purity and clean-taste guaranteed from our supercritical CO2 extraction technique, guaranteed solvent-free. No toxins or pesticides.


Quality-assured as a result of duo testing in our Colorado labs and an independent certified 3rd party test lab in the USA.


Homemade love from Colorado soil to your door.

Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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