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CBD Oil and its Incredible Health Benefits. Take Advantage of our Introductory Offer Conditions Image

Our Opening Special: So You Can See for Yourself the Incredible Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Now that you have an understanding of how CBD Oil can be so beneficial to all of the body’s tissues, organs and systems, it is time to introduce you to the studies that are being published, showing that CBD can help people with so many divergent ailments.
A great place to start is It is a site that follows a lot of the CBD research published. One thing you need to know, regarding the exposure and extent of the research, is that CBD is likely not something that will ever be funded by the big pharmaceutical companies because it is a natural product and thus can’t be patented. These studies will not get much traction in the media as the big advertisers will not want the benefits of CBD known widely. Below is a list of some scientific studies of CBD and its effect on many ailments common to our modern society. They are on their website under the “conditions” tab:

The site also contains a treasure trove of information for the diligent student of natural health solutions.

The image above shows that the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) affects all tissues in our bodies and the conditions surrounding such tissues. This is why the team at CBD Oil Creations decided to dedicate our talents and resources toward getting the best CBD Oil into the hands of as many people as possible. Our goal is to build partner/customers who are as passionate as we are. So we commit to delivering easy, informative educational articles and the best quality and value for the money possible.

Our experience working with a previous CBD Company affirmed the potency of our CBD Oil. We truly believe it is the best place to spend one’s natural-health dollar. The testimonials on epilepsy, stress, anxiety, headaches, and PTSD show the strong connection between CBD and the ECS receptors in the brain and nervous system. These are very encouraging and appear to be life changing. What better business to be in!

I have just started a trial personally, as I have a chronic back condition requiring several drugs with nasty side effects and since my symptoms match several of the conditions above, I thought I would give CBD Oil a try. As the saying goes “I eat my own dog food”.
I don’t expect it to help overnight as I’ve had the condition for 40 years. I will keep you up to date as my little experiment progresses.

Why is our product the one that I chose to use and sell?
It is because it is grown right here in Colorado; and is formulated and tested to ensure that the potency on the label is what is in the bottle; and that it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like Heavy Metals, Bacterial and Microbials, Mycotoxins (Fungal), and Pesticides.
It is extracted from hemp (not marijuana) for the highest concentrations of CBD and its low level of the psycho-active agent THC (making our CBD legal to ship throughout the United States).
It is extracted using the more expensive (non-solvent) CO2 method, which ensures the highest quality and purity, preserving the rich full-spectrum of phyto-cannabinoids and all the natural nutrients available in the amazing hemp plant.
This is a very high quality product that people, who have compared, come back to our formulation.

Now for some really big news: We are about ready to open for business on our new website and we are offering: 1 – FREE 1 oz – 100 mg bottle of CBD Oil (if you purchase a 2 oz – 500 mg bottle). Since everyone will be a new first time buyers, this offer is for you.
Why don’t you try it out for yourself as there is no risk to you because we have a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee?

We are also working on giving a permanent percentage discount for customers who sign up for regular monthly deliveries. I will expand on this in a later blog, once the details are programmed into the system.

Until the next time: Stay healthy and happy!

Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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