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Welcome to the CBD Oil Creations Brand New Website

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Now that our website is finished and our re-branding is complete, I would like to begin a conversation with you, our visitors.

Our About Page tells you who we are, but not how we got here. So I will use my first blog to fill you in. We have been active in the alternate health community for many years and landed on CBD as our product of choice, not only for what it did for us, but what it did for our friends and acquaintances and what the literature has shown it to be. We were part of another company distributing CBD to the US and were very happy knowing that we were positively affecting the lives of so many people who were suffering with little or no hope of relief.

An opportunity came up whereby we could branch out on our own and we took it. So now we are a family owned business with a big goal: To help and educate as many people about the benefits of this miracle natural oil as we can.

Our research found that many companies were selling CBD but on deeper investigation there were many risks involved. Some CBD was being sold with too high an amount of THC which had intoxicating effects on the people needing the healing effects of CBD, but not the “high” that recreational marijuana users want. Our CBD contains less than 0.03% THC, a negligible amount.

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We also found that many high concentration CBD products also contained pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and dangerous microbes. Yes, these products were sold cheaply but the negative effects are very damaging to the body. Pesticides are neurotoxins which are very damaging to children, especially children with epilepsy. Also cases of bacterial infections were reported from people taking these products.

Our products are guaranteed to be Non-GMO, and pesticide and toxin free. Each batch of our CBD is tested, showing that we deliver what is advertised and only what is advertised, which is not the case for many of the cheaper products being sold.

We have had customers leave us for the cheaper CBD and return, pleading that we not change our formulation as the cheaper products (some quite famous) did not produce the relief that ours did. It is expensive to create quality, but we believe that we are giving our client exactly what they need. Reliable, safe and pure CBD Oil. Something they can count on now and in the future.

Next time I will share some of the research currently going on in the community. Very exciting!


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